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Drone Governance


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for Top Management (CEO, COO, Quality, IT, Compliance, Risk, Audit Managers) of Drone companies who are interested in  Responsible Drone Governance through delivering excellent quality to customers and communities, protecting their assets and environment from rogue drones and aligning with Ethics, Privacy, Safety & Security procedures. Including responsible Governance when Drones are linked with Artificial Intelligence Systems, Internet of Drones (IoD) and Smart Cities.

Why take this course?

Getting Drone Governance Certification means understanding the key security, safety, privacy and concept of ethics affecting drones, being able to minimise risk when operating a drone program and having a clear understanding of future security, safety, privacy and ethics applications within the industry.

What will participants walk away with?

Participants will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Drones Governance Framework

  • Performance and Risk management

  • Emerging provisions on security and enforcement

  • Responsibilities of the drone operator for privacy and data protection

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from a business point of view

A certificate of completion will be awarded for completing each module. For the Certification you will need to complete all modules and achieve more than 50% in each module. 

What will participants walk away with?

Both in-person and/or synchronous interactive sessions – 12 hours duration/ 2 days

•The in-person course is specific in date, time and location.

•The synchronous interactive sessions course is specific in date, time throught video calls.

The final exam is mandatory and must be taken in-person at an Exam Center to ensure the certification is genuine.


Note: English language proficiency is the only prerequisite for this course.A minimum of 3  participants is required for the in person course.

What do we teach?

Module 1 – Introduction and Concepts 

Module 2 - Drones Governance Framework 

Module 3 - Drone Ethics

Module 4 - Drone Safety

Module 5 - Drone Security

Module 6 - Drone Data Protection

Module 7 - Risk Management

Module 8 - Change Management

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