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We are a dynamic and growing professional services firm with offices in Portugal. Our focus is on providing business, privacy, security, safety, ethics, technology and project management consulting services to all Organizations and Sectors.

At Smaare Consulting, our people and values make us respected partners for our clients. We pride ourselves on hiring the best people who share our passion and desire to provide the best value in consulting services in the  marketplace. The work we do is centered on our collective values:

communication, integrity and customer service excellence.



Our deepest purpose is helping organizations to be comply with Data Protection Law.

To create value and make a difference in drone industry.


Our mission is to to cooperate with the companies and startups to fill that gap, working with entrepreneurs, governments, regulators and all key stakeholders together.


Excellence – We carry out our mission with a commitment to excellence both in what we do and how we do it. We enourage and honor creativity, quality and initiative by all who work here.

Integrity – We, as individuals and as an organization, make promises carefully and keep them unequivocally.

Communication – We listen effectively and speak thoughtfully and honestly. True communication begins with careful listening.

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