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GDPR EU Representative

As a Service

 If your company is regularly processing data from customers in the EU and if your company does not yet have a physical presence in the EU, then steps should be taken immediately to investigate and where necessary appoint a local EU GDPR Representative.

Smaare Consulting has teamed up with a market leading GDPR representative service for companies that do not have a physical presence in the EU but who do have customers in the EU. We have co-designed this service specifically for companies that wish to prepare for GDPR compliance but who do not wish to deal with the administrative headaches involved.

Choose Your Pricing Plan



Point of contact for EU data protection authorities, Point of contact for your customers, establish and maintain your records of processing activities in the EU



Silver Pack Plus conduct an Audit of all personal data processing in the EU and relevant documentation in your organisation


Gold Pack Plus Management of Data Protection Impact Assessement of all personal data processing in the EU 


What are the typical GDPR Representative tasks?

  • Maintain records of data processing activities of your company in the EU as per Article 30 of GDPR and where applicable. The GDPR Representative is required to have a clear understanding of what processing activities are taking place, failure to do so may result in unknowingly providing false information to the supervisory authorities.

  • Act a GDPR point of contact between your company and your data subjects (i.e. your customers). For example, if your customers regularly wish to enforce their rights under the GDPR. This point of contact must also be provided in the local language of your EU customers.

  • Act as a GDPR point of contact between your company, controller or processor, and the local supervisory authority in the EU. For example, in the case of complaints from data subjects (i.e. customers), the supervisory authority will need to be able to contact your GDPR Representative. The representative should be explicitly designated by a written mandate by the controller or processor.

  • Act as the authorised person/organisation to receive legal GDPR documents on behalf of your company.

  • The GDPR Representative may be subject to enforcement actions by the regulatory authorities in the event of non-compliance by the controller or processor.

  • Make records available to the GDPR supervisory authority when requested. There is an obligation on the Representative to cooperate with the supervisory authority when requested.

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